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About the band


A mixture of lysergic awareness and impending destruction flavors the music of India Tigers in Texas. The sounds of warped, fuzzed out guitar leads brings to mind cascading neon waves on a desolate shore post-apocalypse, and all that survived the torrent was a single group of psychedelic vagabonds that assembled to become the guiding beacon of a new revolution.


The group borrows from influence of the bygone psych rock of the ‘60s, in the vein of Jefferson Airplane and the 13th Floor Elevators, and their shows often divulge into a swirling mass of frantic movements as the audience is helpless but to be overcome by the maddening chaos of the live set. In the “right mindset” India Tigers in Texas can lead the listener on a journey, easily envisioning kaleidoscopic moments of intense euphoric bliss and likely some sort of deep state of epiphany.


India Tigers in Texas’ genesis was on the shores of Galveston Island, the brainchild of singer Mel Stone and bassist Kevin barnes. The two were brought together by a shared connection and passion for the more obscure classics of the flower power era. This enveloping aura of psychedelic mischief brought into the fold guitarist Jaron Hall and Clark Hauser as well as drummer Victhor Resendiz, who completed the dynamic powerhouse that would become India Tigers In Texas and beginning the growing regional attention garnered by the group as they expand into becoming a player in the Texan music scene, known for its diehard work ethic and rock ‘n’ roll realism.


The band is positioning themselves for global conquest with the release of latest single “Wolves,” a track that does more than justice to the driving and ethereal nature of the songwriting, made instantly recognizable by Stone’s hauntingly infectious vocal delivery which rivals even the most acclaimed performers. The foundation of the sound is a pulsating concoction of trembling guitar tones, thumping basslines, and droning rhythms that release you from the material plane, transporting you to another world both in time and space. The band worked with recognized engineer Steve Christiansen, who has previously worked with big names like Khruangbin and Beyonce, and Timothy Stollenwerk, previous collaborator on albums by Kikagaku Moyo, Mild High Club and La Luz.


The collective of India Tigers In Texas is poised for a sonic takeover that goes far beyond Galveston Island, earned by the sheer intensity of their live performance and the authenticity of the band’s music. Tune in, drop out, and get familiar.

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